$30 Million Full Tilt Double Guarantees Week

Ever since they were introduced, Multi-Entry tournaments (MET) have been a huge success on Full Tilt. People love having multiple opportunities in the same tournament, and people also love the huge prize pools that come as a result! If you are not already one of many that has taken advantage of the Full Tilt Poker referral code for METs, you might want to do it soon because Double Guarantees Week is coming soon.

From March 28th to April 3rd, Full Tilt Poker is doubling the guarantees for all its tournaments. These tournaments will all be Multi-Entry events, giving you the ability to register for the same tournament up to 4 (or 6) times!

On Sunday April 3rd, the guarantees will be tripled rather than doubled, resulting in what the site is calling a Big Money Sunday. Tripling the guarantees is sure to create one of the biggest tournament days in Full Tilt Poker history.

If you usually play on free togel Singapore poker no downloads and don’t have a lot of money in Full Tilt, you can still play for an enormous prize pool in the Double Deuce. The Double Deuce usually carries a $200k guarantee, but Big Money Sunday will give it an incredible $600k guarantee! This means that you can compete for a 6-figure payday for just $22!

The usual $216 Sunday tournaments will have some very impressive prize pools on Big Money Sunday. The Sunday Brawl will have $1.2 million guaranteed, the $750,000 Guarantee will have an incredible $2.25 million guaranteed, and the Sunday Mulligan will have $600k guaranteed. Several people are going to be significantly increasing their net worth this day!

The total guarantees for Double Guarantees Week is an astounding $36 million. It is sure to be an exciting week for online tournament players, so be sure to book some time off for your favorite events. Practice your game, study hard, and see you on Big Game Sunday!

Win the Game of Your Life on PokerStars

The Internet’s biggest poker site is trying to entice sports fanatics to download PokerStars with their latest promotion called “Game of Your Life”. The grand prize gets you (and any number of friends) front row seats to any sporting event in the world! With all your travel and accommodation costs taken care of, this prize package is worth $100,000.

The best feature of this promotion is the fact that you do not need any sort of bankroll to participate. Everyday until May 21st there will be five freerolls to choose from, and these freerolls award seats to one of the $100,000 Freeroll Finals. There are also FPP qualifiers to the $100k Freeroll Finals. You need to pay 10 FPPs to participate.

There are six $100k Freeroll Finals between April 17th and May 22nd. You must participate in the Grand Final and take first place in order to win the Game of Your Life package. The top finishers in the Grand Final that do not win the Game of Your Life package will split $10k in cash as a consolation prize.

Keep in mind that you are only allowed to enter one freeroll per week, even though they are available five times per day. You might want to consider saving your entry for the end of the week because field sizes might be smaller, giving you a better chance of making it to a $100k Freeroll Final. If you run really good every week in the preliminary freeroll, you could potentially play in all six Freeroll Finals!

Another thing to keep in mind is that you are not competing against the entire world in this promotion. PokerStars has one Game of Your Life package for North/South/Central America and another Game of Your Life package for the rest of the world. This dramatically increases your odds of winning the big prize!

If there is a sports event that you have always dreamed of attending, this is your big chance to attend in style with as many people as you choose. To give yourself the best shot of winning, you should definitely seek some poker training before playing these tournaments. Visit the FTR poker forum for help with strategy and hand histories, and then best of luck at the tables