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Slot Online Tracker is a computer program allowing players to study and analyze on-line Texas Hold’,em and Omaha/8 play. It stores and summarizes history data which can be downloaded from a poker site. This software can track your ring game and tournament play on many sites. It allows you to import hand history from any site and stores them in the same database. It can also track you starting hands and find out how many times you see the flop, raise or win money. Players can also track how many times they call under the gun, from the cut-off etc. You can also keep a track of how you play, short-handed or with a full table. Besides, this players can also track play by sessions or tournaments.

Doyle’s Poker Room Targets a Niche Audience With its $25,000 Bounty Poker Tournament

Avid Poker players make a note – Doyle’s Poker Room is now beginning an attractive weekly $25,000 Bounty Poker Tournament. In this multi-table tournament, a maximum of 999 players compete to be the last one at the table.

Poker players from around the globe square off against the Bounty Players – this week its the Legend Doyle Brunson, Mike Caro and 2005 World Poker Tour champion Min Lhy. The player who takes out all three poker professionals wins the generous prize of $25,000.

Producer of Southern California Poker Tour Files For Bankruptcy

Executive Producer of Southern California Poker Tour, Barry Dodd, has filed for liquidation. This was his second filing for bankruptcy, in the last 7 years, as reported by a clerk of the US Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of California in San Diego.

Doddl isted over 100 creditors in his latest bankruptcy filing, which was primarily caused by financial problems encountered by the SCPT during its short existence. Among the creditors include the owner of a poker newspaper, who claims that the SCPT still owes the newspaper unpaid advertising fees “in the 5 figures”.

A Unique ‘First of its Kind’ Underwater Poker Tournament By

Latest in Poker Tournaments, is the first of its kind, Underwater Poker Tournament. This unique tournament was held 30 feet below sea level. The first ‘ Extreme Poker Champion’s tournament was held off the coast of St. Kitts. Juha Helppi, risked his life, on Wednesday, to win this ‘one of its kind’ tournament. Helppi was quick to defeat his opponents, who included Phil Laak. Others playing were Kenna James, Louise H. from Denmark. spokesperson, Peter Marcus was also present. A group of spectators snorkeled on the surface, to watch this tournament. Among these spectators were WSOP champ. Kathy Liebert and Todd Whiteles. reports:

InterPoker spokesperson Peter Marcus says, “I’ve been present at some of the most electric moments in poker history, but this one tops them all.” The poker table was submerged using weighted anchors attached to the table’s underside and traditional chips and waterproof cards were used during play.