1.1 In these rules, unless the contrary intention appears:

“Act” means the Casino Control Act 1992;

“baccarat” means a point count equaling zero;

“burn” means to remove a card from play by placing it in the discard holder;

“casino promotional token or voucher” means a token or voucher issued by the casino operator to enable the player to have one free wager at a gaming table in the amount identified on the token or voucher. Promotional tokens and vouchers wagered at a table are forfeited after a coup whether the wager wins or loses. If the wager wins, the player is to be paid the winnings in chips;

“casino supervisor” means a person employed in a casino in a managerial capacity relating to the conduct of gaming and includes a games supervisor;

“commission or vigorish” means the amount collected or deducted by the dealer from any winning wager on the Banker’s Hand pursuant to rule 12.1.2;

“coup” means the period of play commencing with the removal of the first Bolagacor88 card from the shoe by the dealer and concluding when the dealer announces a result and, if applicable, collects losing wagers and pays out winnings;

“dealer” means a person responsible for the operation of the game;

“Even Money Baccarat” means a variation to the game of Baccarat whereby the settlement of winning wagers on the Banker’s Hand is in accordance with rule 12.2.

“game supervisor” means a person responsible for the immediate supervision of the operation of the game.

“inspector” means a person appointed under section 106 of the Act;

“natural” means a point count of eight or nine for either the Player’s Hand or the Banker’s Hand in the initial deal;

“point count” means a total value of cards in a hand as determined in accordance with rule 3.3;

“table differential” means the maximum allowable difference between the total amount wagered on the Player’s Hand and the total amount wagered on the Banker’s Hand for any coup;

“Tie” means that both Player’s Hand and the Banker’s Hand have the same point count at the end of a coup;

“void” means invalid with no result.

  1. Table Layout and Equipment

2.1 The game of Baccarat shall be played at a table having numbered places for up to fourteen seated players and places for the dealers.

2.2 The layout cloth covering the table shall display the name and/or logo of the casino, shall have areas designated for the placement of wagers by both seated and standing players.

2.3 The following equipment shall also be used:

2.3.1 a card shoe which shall have a non-transparent sliding cover, from which all cards shall be dealt;

2.3.2 a discard holder capable of holding eight decks of cards which shall be set in the center of the table and be capable of being removed from the table, in which all cards dealt in a game shall be placed after use;

2.3.3 two markers denoting “Player” and “Banker” respectively, which shall be used to indicate the players acting for the Player’s Hand and the Banker’s Hand respectively.

2.4 The table shall have a drop box attached to it.

2.5 Where the game in play is Even Money Baccarat a sign indicating the payout odds shall be displayed on the table.

  1. The Cards

3.1 The game of Baccarat shall be played with either six decks or eight decks of cards, each deck having 52 cards without jokers, with backs of the same color and design and a cutting card.

3.2 The value of the cards shall be as follows:

3.2.1 any card from 2 to 9 inclusive shall have its face value;

3.2.2 any ten, jack, queen or king shall have a value of zero; and

3.2.3 an ace shall have a value of one.

3.3 The point count of a hand shall be:

3.3.1 where the total value of the cards in the hand is a number between 0 and 9 inclusive, that number; or

3.3.2 where the total value of the cards in the hand is the number 10 or a higher number, the right digit of that number.

3.4 Cards shall be checked by a dealer or a game supervisor prior to use on a gaming table.

3.5 Cards may be pre-shuffled and secured in a designated area until such time as they may be required.

3.6 All cards used in the game of Baccarat shall be dealt from a card shoe specifically designed for such purpose.

3.7 No player or spectator shall handle, remove or alter any cards used in the game except as expressly permitted by these rules, and no dealer or other person shall permit a player or spectator to do so.

3.8 At the completion of the last coup as determined in accordance with rules 4.9 and 4.10 the cards may, at the discretion of a game supervisor, be removed from the table and replaced by new cards. The new cards shall be shuffled in accordance with rule 4.1.

3.9 When cards are handled by players during any shoe, all the cards from that shoe shall be replaced.

3.10 Where a casino supervisor forms the opinion that the cards have become unfit for further use and provided no coup is in progress, the casino supervisor shall direct that the cards be replaced. The new cards shall be shuffled in accordance with rule 4.1.