Full-Tilt-꽁머니사이트  Poker-FTOPS-8-Event-24

Another wildly popular and successful FTOPS series is in the books, with millions upon millions paid out, and throngs of players coming out in search of those enormous paydays through beating out those aforementioned throngs of players. Now up to series VIII, FTOPS shows no signs of slowing down, with payouts getting higher and higher every series.

The final event, Event #24, the Main Event, did nothing to buck the trend of huge payouts, as it had the second biggest payout of the series. It was second only to Event #21, the 2-day, $2.5k tournament that Halfrek won for $516,925. However, it’s not likely that anyone who can win $410,780 will complain, which is what awaited the winner of FTOPS VIII’s Main Event.

The Main Event featured a $2,000,000 Guarantee, and was hosted by one of the very best in the world, Jennifer Harman. 4,750 players showed up for the $500+$35 buyin, inflating the prizepool up to $2,375,000, and creating the eye-popping first place 꽁머니사이 prize that was mentioned before. As one could expect with all the players, and all the chips in play, those who were fortunate enough to make it to the final table were in for a long and grueling battle, and that’s just what they got. It took until past 5 AM to crown a winner, and before that, a great deal of talented players fell just short.

Gator93 has been a long time winner in the online tournament circuit, having formidable results in some of the biggest rebuys on Poker Stars, amongst other high stakes tournaments. However, he’d have to settle for 15th and $16,625. SN8WMAN falls into the same category as Gator93, with amazing results in the last year, but as with Gator93, he’d have to settle for something other than the final table. He departed in 25th for $8,787.50. GhettoFabolous shared a similar fate, busting out in 28th for $7,125. FTR’s own sauce123, playing as PrtectYaNeck, busted out in 66th for $3,443.75. The Full Tilt Pro with the best showing was Martin Klaesar coming in 62nd for $4,275.

The final table featured two very bright spots, in Keith “cheesemonster” Lehr and Jason “strassa2” Strasser. Keith has a World Series of Poker bracelet, which he won in 2003 when he won in 2003 in a $3k Pot Limit Hold ‘Em event for $225k. Jason Strasser is well known in the online poker world as one of the very best. He’s crushed the biggest cash games online, and even won a $1k WCOOP event on Poker Stars two years ago for $442k. However, at this final table, one of these players would finish first, and one would finish last.

Despite coming into the final table in second place with a ton of chips, Strasser was the first player to exit the final table, having a tough run of luck, and leaving with $30,875. However, Keith “cheesemonster” Lehr played a great final table, and in doing so outlasted a stellar field, taking down a mind blowing $410,780 for his efforts.

That will do it for FTOPS VIII, with yet another amazing showing by Full Tilt Poker, providing a great series of tournaments for players. Congratulations to everyone who cashed, and congratulations to everyone who hit it big this series!