Got My Cards Through Today

After losing my debit cards last judi online, I finally got one through today. Didn’t expect anything to come through from the bank on a Saturday but there we go. So although I say ‘cards’ I only really had the one, but the next one shouldn’t be too far away. Luckily it was the card for my main account where I keep most of my money, but unfortunately I have been given a new pin even though I asked to keep it the same. But I think its possible to change the pin through the ‘hole in the wall’ anyway so its no big deal, but it definitely needs changing because I am so familair with the old one.

Anyways, I decided to celebrate by making a deposit at Titan to check out the action at the 10c/20c tables. Turns out that the table I sat down at wasn’t as fishy as the last time I played at the room, but after a few players dropped out and were replaced the dynamics changed a little and there were some very obvious bad players. I think that there are still a number of people that are enjoying the festive season with a dash of online poker, despite the fact that they are pretty clueless when it comes to strategy and are relying on the luck of the draw. But I’m not going to complain about that.

Even though the table at the start was of a decent standard, I managed to get things going with a nice hand. I was dealt 3c 3s on the button and called a 4BB raise from someone in mid position. I felt the implied odds were there  because they had a decent size stack, so I comfortably made the call. I’m obviously looking to hit a set on this flop, and if I don’t I’m going to make an easy fold.

Turns out another player made the call and came along for the ride. I was happy to see a 3 come down on the flop, and even more happy to find out that both of these players had decent hands. All the money wen’t in on the flop, and no cards came to improve the other two who were holding an overpair and top pair respectively. Theres not a lot that they could have done to save themselves from losing here, it was pretty much a cooler for the both of them. So worked out to be a nice $32 pot to get the session started.

The rest of the session was pretty standard, as I floated around the same mark for a while with small wins and small losses. There was another hand that I managed to win a nice amount from, around about $20 or so. I can’t remember the details but I think I had a straight, and I think they must have had top two pair. Either way I finished the session with about $50, which works out to be around $30 or £15 profit. This is more than I would usually make in an hour of play at one 10c/20c table, but I’m not going to make any complaints.

Its nice to get back into the swing of things with a decent win, especially considering I was just at one table and on MSN at the same time. I’m not exactly sure how much of an impact being on messenger whilst I play poker is having on my game, but I still feel that I am able to continue to play profitably, even though the amount that I win per hour is more than likely reduced. I’m not that great at multi-tasking to be honest. I will make a post in the near future about being on messenger and playing poker at the same time, I’m sure that most people have done it or do it from time to time.