Huntsman: Rand broadens the base

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More praise for Sen. Rand Paul’s libertarian-ization of the Republican Party, this time from former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman.

He delivered his comments to PolicyMic on the same night he gave a speech at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library:

I think Rand Paul has tapped a vein, particularly among young people with whom these ideas have always been popular. The libertarian streak has always been part of the Republican Party. It’s completely in line with a party that is committed to the Tenth amendment of the Constitution, allowing the states to be the incubators of democracy, the laboratories of change.

Whether it’s on drug policy, education policy, energy policy, or keeping a wary eye on the garrison state that’s been created in this country since 9/11, Rand Paul has hit on some of those themes. In terms of winning back that lost demographic, this is one step towards broadening our base.


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