Microsoft Vista prices

Microsoft has announced the US pricing regime for the latest incarnation of Windows:

  • Windows Vista Home Basic: $199
  • Windows Vista Home Premium: $239
  • Windows Vista Business: $299
  • Windows Vista Ultimate: $399Security vulnerabilities thrown in at no extra charge.

2 Responses to “Microsoft Vista prices”

  1. Murad Pakistan

    Just to add to your piracy point. As piracy has helped spread Microsoft products throughout the developing and developed regions (there are many individuals even in europe or the US who still prefer pirated software) it has seen an indirect increase in its profits. Its like a world map being colored with windows. Bill gates is clever; he knew this was going to give him dominance and control over the world.

    With microsoft windows in every household what he has achieved is a lifestyle shift. Every other person is using windows; ms office, outlook and even the media player as its all bundled well. So now we have every other software company making softwares for windows as therefore front offering. And now you are hooked. You dont get to use other softwares if you dont have windows and to top it all these software firms are working closely to help sell microsoft windows. Most of these softwares now require windows 2000 or XP so now u must upgrade. This means microsoft can put tighter controls over your system with every service pack as some also require you to have these service packs installed.

    Now is the time what Bill Gates have been waiting for and he is asking for some license fees. We are so addicted that we fear loosing everything. Our skills, our income…Every other country pays as most of the workforce has window-based skills. Infact you can write a complete book of how one man can control the demographies, create an influence by controlling the behaviors.