Online Casino Malaysia PCA

The fourth annual PCA (Online Casino Malaysia Adventure) is currently running. We have reached the end of day 2 and it is very much the ‘tournament of the Johnathan’.

Currently chip situation :-

1st Justin Bonomo 475,000

2nd Steve Paul-Ambrose 408,000

3rd Johnathan Drane 386,000

4th Johnathan Hart 368,000

5th Johnathan Little 352,000

6th Johnathan Friedberg 345,000

There is a 7 million dollar prizepool up for grabs, and despite the amazing Johns, there is also another juicey little fact. Steve Paul-Ambrose was last years winner, taking home a small matter of $1.4m. His younger sisters were all there to cheer him on, perhaps hoping a few presents were coming there way.

When this tournament first started in 2004 it was very much a big pros hangout, with Gus Hansen winning and Daniel Negreanu coming 3rd. Now the internet boys (and girls) are steam rollering it, and the big faces are struggling to keep up. Nevertheless a few “names” remain. We shall just have to see if the can halt the Ambrose man.


ComeOnPhish has had a great January, but he is still slightly lower than some of the great online players with his TTP stat. I nevertheless rate him as quite possibly the best rebuy player online.

Lindgren wins a big one

It took Eric Lindgren almost 14 hours to swell his bank balance by $1,000,000 a he emerged as the champion of Event 8 at this years Aussie Millions.

Event 8 had a wopping $100,000 buy-in tournament and therefore, not surprisingly only attracted 18 contenders. It was a fairly solid field shall we say with Phil Ivey, Eric Seidel, Daniel Negreanu, Tony G, and Gus Hanson amongst some of the names.

With a 30 second time limit and a Pot Limit before the flop / No Limit after the flop format, the high limit tournament was guaranteed to prove an exciting game to watch and it didn’t disappoint. From the seat draw that saw Ivey, Negreanu and Hanson positioned up the same end of table 28 through to the final table webcast, the event attracted a huge field of spectators and much interest from the media present.

While pro players Kevin O’Donnell, Roland DeWolf and Daniel Negreanu all busted out of the event early, it was the two least recognizable players, Masaaki Kagawa and Michael Sampoerna that caused an upset coming home in third and sixth place respectively. The million dollar first prize was won after an hour long heads up battle that ended with Eric Lindgren’s Ac7c too good for Seidel’s KhJh when the board showed Ah8d9h6d5c.

PCA 2023 Result

Ryan Daut has won the 2007 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Ryan started off his poker with just a $45 deposit. That is starting to look like a good investment

PCA Latest

Well, self-styled Jesus look-a-like Isaac Haxton steamrollered through the field to take the cheap lead by the end of day 3. Sixteen men with a twinkle in their eye now remain. Jesus Haxton only started playing poker 9 months ago, so lets expect him to blow the chip lead all-in pre-flop with 72 offsuit.

On a side note from the Johnny Cam, we can see two John’s still lurking. The littilest of the two sat with the biggest of the stacks.