Online online casinos usa Ban Part 2


It seems it’s catching.. apparently Germany is now considering implementing a US-style online online casinos usa ban, and several other European countries including Spain and Italy are thinking about implementing some regulations so that government can start raking the tables.

Many will probably argue that this is a good thing for the game and that as an industry, we need proper regulation. Correct me if I’m wrong though, but weren’t we alright in the first place?

Online poker was booming along at a healthy pace and everyone was making tons of money. It now looks like the slow, out of touch politicians of the world want to get in on the action without learning the intricacies of a good post-oak bluff.

Anyway, whatever happens, I doubt it will have much effect. The internet is almost un-regulable (is that a word?), so players will find a way. Governments who are trying to sanitize the game and make it mainstream (read, get their share of the honey) may end up doing the opposite and pushing it underground.

In more positive news, “like7” outbluffed “qwert987” to take down the Full Tilt $500,000 Sunday Guaranteed, and the Poker Stars Sunday Million prize pool topped $1.3 MILLION. No wonder the fat cats want in.

Poker: Pay To Watch Videos

So you might have noticed the poll that’s going on in the navbar over there.

“Would you ever consider paying for video poker tutorials?”

The results have been mixed: basically it’s pretty even across the board, with 20% of people going for “not interested”, “no” and even “are you mad?”

I must say I’m surprised by this – or perhaps the question wasn’t explained well enough.

The idea is this: poker players like you and me can record our games through sceen recording software. You see these videos (with commentary) on YouTube, Google Video and the like.

There are even coaching programs appearing now in which you sign up to a website and pay a huge fee to watch these videos from one or two online pros.

Some friends and I figured it would be better if you could make your own videos, and charge other people to watch them. This works because pro players are provided with an avenue to teach (and profit!), and us leaners are offered cheap and affordable training from people who really do know what they’re talking about.

Anyway, in polls across some of the larger poker forums, we got something like 50% would be happy to pay $10 or so for a video. In my poll we got 24% said “Hell yes”, while 16% said maybe. Combined that’s a 40%, so I suppose we’re not that far off our other results.

We’re doing something about this, so keep your eyes peeled in the next few months. Something wicked this way comes… 🙂