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I come back from one of the greatest trips of my life and this is what I get to deal with. I think this is what I get for leaving G-Vegas. If I were there, this would never have happened. That’s why it pays to have a sober person in the middle of drunken madness.

When I first heard of the weekend dustup, I thought it was a joke. Then I started getting bombarded with phone calls and IM’s from my closest friends back in South slot gacor . Something was wrong, terribly wrong. I immediately reached out to G-Rob and Otis… after all, there’s an awful lot of history there.

Bottom line, things are bad. There’s a good chance G-Rob crossed a line, but since I wasn’t there, I don’t want to pass judgement. I do know he’s chosen to move on and join Bad Blood. I’ll be the first to say I’m disappointed. Especially at the tone of G-Rob’s first post. But I certainly don’t hold anything against Blood. G-Rob needed a place to fall, and that’s a good a place as any.

Until (If?) things get patched up, Up For Poker will move ahead as well. Joining the ranks is my brother, Lefty. Many of you know him. He’s not much of a poker player (but was G-Rob really? I keed… I keed!). But he will bring a unique perspective.

It’s apparent that Tri-Clops will need to go on hiatus as well. There’s just too much bad blood (no pun intended) to get into any meaningful debates there right now.

Anyone who knows me knows I fall into the “peacemaker” role a lot. I don’t like conflict. I especially hate when it affects this blog or this community. But it’s not a role I relish and I want to get past this thing as soon as possible. Any help you all may provide would be greatly appreciated.

Otis and G-Rob Hate Me

I can’t say I blame them.

I suppose if I were in their situation, I’d hate them to.

I wasn’t going to write about this until Friday at the earliest, but Boy Genius broke the seal, so the secret it out.

It’s true, this Saturday night, I will be inside the Playboy Mansion.

Let’s get the important questions out of the way (in BG style):

Can I come, too!?!?!?!?

No, sorry, you can not. And asking makes you a little girl.

Why can’t I come?

Life is unfair. Why doesn’t your hand hold up when you’re an 80% favorite on the turn?

How’d you get picked?

Thankfully, the other two contributors here are happily married. That makes those poor saps ineligible to oogle half naked Playboy Playmates in person on a Saturday night.

Yeah, but how’d you get picked?

If you haven’t heard, my nickname is “The Luckbox.” ‘Nuff said.

What the hell are you doing there?

There is a charity poker event, and I am assisting in live online coverage.

Aren’t you freaking out right now?

Yes. Half of me doesn’t believe this is true. The other half is completely mortified. At least I’ll have BG to share my insecurities with. I also know that I won’t be the worst dressed (thanks AlCantHang!) and I won’t be the best dressed (screw you Joe Speaker!). In fact, I’m shopping for clothes tonight, thankfully I’ll have a little help with that.

Can I hate you more now than I did before?


Will you have a camera?

I own a camera phone, and I plan to pick up a nice digital camera that they may or may not allow me to bring inside.

Can you get Kendra’s phone number for me?

If I get her phone number, you’re not getting it. She is a Philadelphia Eagles fan, though, so I got that going for me.

So can I come!?!

You’re such a little girl.

Is there anything else you can tell me?

No. Further discussion may force my removal from the list, and, frankly, you only get a chance to get on this list about once in a lifetime. I’m eternally greatful to those who made it happen and I promise to bring the best stories and pictures I can back to the loyal readers of Up For Poker.