Social Bookmarking Answers: Identifying the Top Five Sites and How They Work with Real Estate Facebook App

The world of internet marketing is a complex and diverse one. There are several ways to go about it and each way necessitates more than a brief introduction. One useful way to market websites is to participate in social bookmarking sites. Why? It is quite simply because people don’t want to hear a sales pitch from a company. They want to hear a referral from a friend.

Those who submit their links to social bookmarking sites will be providing a referral to friends instead of an obvious advertisement to potential consumers. The difference between the two really just comes down to the presentation. So pay attention to the following top five social bookmarking sites to find out which ones you should participate with and how to use them:

Digg – Only one of the all-time most popular social bookmarking sites, Digg has it down to a science. All you need to do is to submit your URL and hit the Digg bookmarker. You’ll want to write an eye-catching description as well as any other additional information you’ve got (i.e. pictures and videos). It’s arranged according to categories and will be up to the populous to either ‘digg’ it or ‘bury’ it according to their preferences. – A close second to Digg, was bought by Yahoo! not too long ago. Originally, this website helped to bring about the basic concept of tagging.  It’s arranged according to the tags posted on your entries as opposed to the topics they cover. For instance, websites that sell baby clothes would be wise to tag their submission with specific items they sell like, ‘crochet baby hats’ and ‘baby headbands’ to be as effective as possible with their submission.  Choosing the tags wisely will make all the difference regarding the public’s response to your bookmark.

Reddit – The third most popular social bookmarking site puts all the power in their users’ hands. Everyone rates up or rates down what they find which means the best bookmarks are going to rank. It’s up to each submitter to submit quality content that people will actually vote positively for.

StumbleUpon – This social bookmarking site has its own toolbar that can be installed for free. It relies upon a thumbs up/thumbs down rating system which makes it simple to rank and see others’ rankings. The activity and preferences of each user will have much to do with determining the success of each bookmarked website.

Mixx – Similar to Digg’s format, Mixx simply asks its users to submit their favorite URLs and rate other submissions. Since people like to get other people’s take on things, it’s always best to be as descriptive as possible in the comment sections and description boxes.

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