The Placeless Office?

Lifehacker has a nice article called Geek to live: Essential tools for the placeless office:

Us Lifehacker editors have never been in the same room at once, yet we work together every weekday from 5 different cities across 2 time zones. If your team is distributed across vast distances like we are, you need to set up shop not with Aeron chairs and cubicle walls but with the right collaboration tools. Thanks to the wonders of the internets and a growing crop of mature webapps, this kind of “placeless office” is now possible.

We’ve covered tons of web services that help long-distance co-workers collaborate, and you’ve got to choose what works best for your team. That said, today I’ve got a rundown of the web-based software that runs Lifehacker’s virtual headquarters.

It offers a run down of some of the online apps they use to collaborate with. None are from Microsoft, whose efforts in the area are pretty unspectacular.

Now, I’ve written a few posts about online productivity software, but what’s the upshot of this all going to be? Are businesses ever going to abandon MS Office for an online equivalent? Or is it more likely aim that home users will use an online suite rather than the oft-bundled Works?

While the advantages of working online are clear for a business with disparate employees – a partnership of consultants, say – is it really possible, or even desirable, at this moment to do all your computing in this way?