Kabak Beach, Turkey

Where – Just 15-kilometres from the resort town of Oludeniz, hidden away by a twisty mountain road, cliff-edge drops and a forest you’ll discover Kabak Beach, the best kept secret in the whole of Turkey. You will not find this beach in any holiday brochure, and so, finding a local who is willing to take you there is a must – that is, unless, you can read a map!

Why – Until very recently, this beach was only ever used and known about by locals, and because it’s difficult to get to, there are no hotels in sight. It therefore offers ultimate exclusivity. This is a fine pebble beach with golden sand out in to the water. The water stays shallow for 8 metres out and there is also plenty of marine life to see.

When – Turkey is almost always best visited during summer. September and October are good times of the year as the mid-day sun in August can be too much, and there is little shade on Kabak Beach, other than the forest. Due to this, we recommend you pack plenty of water and sandwiches as there is nowhere to buy them from nearby. The beach looks out across where the Mediterranean meets the Aegean within the borders of Mugla Province and Fethiye.

Colca Canyon, Peru

Where – Colca Canyon is located in southern Peru, around 100 miles northwest of Arequipa – it’s Peru’s third biggest tourist destination, but don’t worry, that’s not saying much.

Why -Colca Canyon is an area of natural beauty. It gets overshadowed by the Machu Picchu, yet, it’s more than twice as deep as the coveted Grand Canyon in Las Vegas. Unlike the Grand Canyon, Colca is flush with greenery and stunning views which don’t consist of desert.

When – Peru weather is very black and white; it’s either wet, or its dry. From June – September weather is clear and warm, so we recommend visiting this area then.

Baranja Region, Croatia

Where – Baranja Region, in Croatia. It’s located between the Danube and the Drava Rivers, and shares its territory with Hungary.

Why – Croatia is an unlikely holiday destination for many people. BUT, bear with us – if you enjoy visiting towns that are full of character and exploring local cuisine and traditions, this is the place to go in Croatia. We recommend the towns of Osijek and Zagreb which have lots of charm and history behind them.

When – July is the hottest month in Croatia. Its climate is much like the UK’s with lows of 4 degrees Celsius in the winter. Unlike the UK, though, Croatia has consistent seasons.

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