Tuesday jala slot


So I head back to the Bellagio about 9 PM. I get sat at in a game and actually start out winning the first pot I play. Im in the small blind and complete with 104 (2/3 blind structure). Flop comes JJ8 with four way action and it checks around. Turn is a 4 and it checks to the button who bets. I raise and it folds back to him and he calls kinda quick. I have a feeling my hand isnt good but Im not sure how I want to play the river. I would rather not waste another 30 bucks on this hand but at the same time i dont like the idea of check folding to a bet either. I pause and mumble, “he might have me out kicked” and checked. Im not sure if it made a difference but he checked behind and I won the pot. A few hands later I raised KQ up front and got one caller out of the small blind. The flop was 892 and the small blind check called. The turn was the K and the small blind bet out. I raised and he called. The turn was a 3 and I bet and was called and picked up the pot. Woohoo, right away Im up a little over 200. That hasn’t happened in awhile.

The game wasnt too great. I recognized a few of the players but the game wasn’t playing great. The lady two seats to my left isn’t a tough player but she’s up like 1500 and not giving anyone a chance to get any of it back. Jim, a very friendly retired man who usually plays very tight and straight foward is playing tough today. I play against him a lot and it’s usually easy to stay out of his way as he hardly plays in hands and when he does you know you should probably fold. But today he is raising A8s and semi-bluff raising on the turn. It really has me confused b/c Ive never seen hm do this. Some old lady joind the game and 3 bets A10s early on and is jamming pots. So I don’t get much of a chance to use position or really get involved. A few people leave our game b/c it is actually playing tough and we get semi-short handed. I get my blinds ate away for awhile then finally pick up a hand. It is raised and called to me and I 3 bet AKs. I 3 bet the flop and no one is going anywhere. I eventully have to fold on the river to an ugly board of 8910JK. next thing you know im back to even. A couple more people leave and none of us really want to play this lineup anymore, so we break the table. There are 3 other tables going and 2 sets avaiable, so we draw. Well Im 0 for whatever in drawing high cards in this situation and have to wait for someone to leave.

One of the other tables looks great with some familiar faces from past blogs. It has Mike Sexton’s donk brother, Grumpy old lady calling station, one of Travis’s friends (DN’s assistant) who trys to play well but let me push him around about 2 weeks ago, and crazy Robin Williams looking guy from last night, and the lady that was my nemisis from the Orleans the other night. Man I want that table. BTW crazy guy has a pile (literally a pile) of chips. Its huge with multiple bills sticking out of it. Must be at least 3000, if not more.

Well I get sat at another table and get dealt in for free in late position. Its raised and called to me and I pick up AA and 3 bet. The CCD (who usually plays 30/60) drops out on a jack high flop. Turn is an Ace and the lady Im up against looks like she wants to put a move on me but fails to pull the trigger and she check folds on the river. I switch seats and a couple of people leave and come into the game. Well there ended up being 4 blinds being posted. two behind the small blind but in front of the button (in between) and the original small and big blind. Im in late position and there is one or two calls to me. I pick up a small suited connector and decide to limp in. Flop is 227 two of my suit. Turn brings my flush and I get check raised by one of the blinds. I know Im beat but I dont know this guy from Adam and my stereotype of him puts a small possibility in my mind that he could possibly just have a 2. I wanted to fold but there was a lot of extra money in the pot and decided to pay his 72 off. I wish I would have never played my hand or at least raised with it but I tend to follow up on raises to much and didnt want to commit much money to the pot.

So Im back to even and I get AJ and decide to 3 bet an aggressive player with AJ. The flop was jala slot and I bet and was called. the turn was my King and was check called again. River was another 10 and was payed off. Then I get QQ and open raise and get both blinds to call. I pick up one flop bet I think before I was pushed the pot. Very next hand I get AQ and raise an open limper and we see a flop HU. The flop was Q high and the action was checked to me and I bet. The turn was a low card and I was check raised. I 3 bet and he called. He also check called me on the river and I was now up 406 dollars. Well with two people gone from my table and the crazy table full I figured it would be a long while before I got any shot at it and my table didnt seem to have any obvious suckers, so I decided to call it an early night.

One of the dealers Im friendly with was getting pushed off the crazy table when I was leaving and she affirmed my suspicion of how great the game was. She said the lady from the Orleans just got pushed a huge pot with the 64 she limped from under the gun with. Oh well hopefully she wins and keeps coming back.