Turning the tables on the assholes Indobet88

Without a doubt, the hottest gift this year was the iPod. Nothing else was even close. Well, maybe Sirius radio was close.

Late Friday afternoon we received a final shipment of 9 Indobet88. Three were already sold and being held for customers, and 2 hours later we were down to our final unit.

A couple of women in their late-30’s or early-40’s came in looking at mp3 and iPod. One had just purchased an mp3 at Kmart and wanted to compare to what we had available. I told them about the final iPod, and the woman was very interested.

Her asshole friend spent the next ten minutes talking her out of it. I knew why. I’d seen it before.

I let them know the iPod would be gone shortly if they didn’t buy now. The asshole friend gave a “yeah, right” look and shook her head. I gave her my “whatever” look.

Thirty minutes later, the next Mrs. Big walked in. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. Flawless body. Absolutely, positively, a lottery-wife. You know, the one you only get after you win the lottery.

She bought the last iPod.

As she was walking away from the register, the asshole friend walked in. Of course, she gave the next Mrs. Big one of those “oh-what-a-thin-blond-bitch” looks middle-aged women give to goddesses.

She approached me and said, “Remember me? I was just in here a little while ago? I want the iPod”.

Yeah, the asshole friend talked her “friend” out of the last iPod so she could buy it herself. Nice friend.

Is it possible for a woman to be a douchebag?

I think so.

So, it was with exaggerated politeness and sarcasm that I announced with glee, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but that lady you just looked at as you walked up here just bought it.”

“What?” She then started sputtering like her head was going to explode. I could tell she was replaying the conversation to see if she told me to hold the iPod. I never hold iPods. I don’t have to. They ALWAYS sell. You pay me first, then I go to work digging one up. Supply and demand, baby.

“Yes ma’am, I’m afraid you’re too late. Your friend should have purchased it when you were in here.”

Dudes, dudettes, I’ve never been on the receiving end of the “I’m-going-to-kill-you” look from a woman. And I’ve been divorced.

But, I know what that is like now.