UK 1, Rest of World 0 for Togel Hongkong

No, this isn’t a soccer/football score. The United Kingdom, or England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland combined, have abolished the betting tax charged on all wagers as an inducement to online bookmakers such as William Hill and Ladbrokes to bring their online operations back to their home territories.

This move is the first salvo in the battle to convince First World countries to regulate online gambling. Up until now, nearly all online gaming operations were located primarily in the Caribbean in smaller countries.

Australia was the leading candidate to be the first major country to regulate online gaming, until suffering a major setback when a moratorium was introduced on the issuance of online gaming licenses, putting nearly all of the Australian-based online operations out of business save for Lasseter’s, which had opened up before the date the retroactive moratorium took effect.

What does this mean for the online gambler?

If you’re a sports bettor, you are going to see a massive move towards the UK as current offshore operations fight for online licenses. The bigger operations such as William Hill and Ladbrokes, which already have gaming licenses in the UK, can immediately start operations. If they didn’t already have a big operation, they surely will now as bettors have the confidence to place wagers with these well-established operations.

If you’re a casino gambler, you’re still out of luck, as the new UK regulations still consider online casinos to be illegal – but you can bet your bottom dollar that this will soon change – if the UK doesn’t move shortly, some other large country will.

Nevada is already considering state legislation to allow Internet operations there – and early signs indicate that the legislature there will support this move. New Jersey is also considering such legislation but has stumbled at the first hurdle as it was unclear how they would monitor such operations – even though the original plan was much more detailed that the proposed legislation in Nevada.

Antigua, currently the premier location for offshore gambling operations, isn’t sitting still either – word is that they have drafted significant new plans for proper regulation of the industry, with the assistance of Frank Catania, a former New Jersey Gaming Commission member.

Earlier on this year, along with other more Togel Hongkong prominent gaming analysts, I predicted that there would be a move towards regulation by some of the larger countries – but I don’t think that anyone anticipated a move so early in the year.

It’s a sure sign that various governments are ready to take the online gambling phenomenon seriously, and draft proper legislation to ensure the integrity and safety of gambling on the Internet.

If the US government was considering a Prohibition-like ban on online gambling, they must surely be thinking twice now. Australia, too, must reconsider their stance towards online gambling.

Only then will the online gambling industry really move towards realizing the huge potential in front of it – and truly harness the power of the monster known as the Internet. Dot-coms may be failing – but a whole new breed of online businesses are standing by ready to take up the slack.

Who’s going to score next?

Slots smarts crack CashSplash

It seems as if the world has caught on to the new CashSplash progressives available at most Microgaming casinos on the Net. This jackpot falls on average about once a day, and if it should ever cross $20,000 then the heavy money starts to come in.

I just won a $50 bonus at Captain Cook’s Casino on St. Patrick’s Day – Mick the Leprechaun was kind enough to fill a pot of gold while I was peeking 🙂

So I took that bonus, played a bit of blackjack – my usual game, I almost never play anything else, won a bit and thought to myself, “Let’s go see what’s happening at CashSplash”.

So I moseyed on down to the CashSplash, figuring it would have just been cracked again (every time I see it it’s $5,xxx, maybe $6,xxx, but on occasion I see it reaching $8,000!). To my surprise, it was at $22,800 – and climbing FAST – at the rate of about $30 per minute.

I quickly clicked on “Spin” and then “WHOA!” – the three CashSplash symbols ALL showed up on my screen, but none of them on the payline! And for the next 10-15 spins there was always one, usually two CashSplash symbols on screen. I figured the jackpot was due to crack.

Well, it didn’t for me, though I must admit I took about 50 spins before going back to the blackjack table, minus winnings of about $40 I had managed earlier. So I sat down and tried to make a bit more profit.

Anyhow, I kept going back and forth between Blackjack and CashSplash – and finally after maybe 50 blackjack hands and 150 spins at CashSplash, I ran out of money.

As I write this after the fact, the jackpot has reached $23,900 – a climb of $1,100 within a scant hour. And with its fall rate of about one a day, it’s easy to see why CashSplash has become the most popular slot machine on the Internet.