Victory for Jean-Yves Online Casino Malaysia at Paris Season VII of Cercle Wagram

The famous Online Casino Malaysia organized for the 7th year the Paris Season. If the tournament is small by the number of players and the prize pool of the main event less interesting than others, it is however attended by all the best players of the French circuit which gave rise to beautiful rounds.

Cercle Wagram Paris Season 7 Victory for Jean Yves Chicheportiche at Paris Season VII of the Cercle Wagram

So there were 161 players to register for the 2,000 euro tournament organized by the Cercle Wagram. Among them were many confirmed or future stars of French Poker and in particular Antoine Saout (3rd in the 2023 WSOP), Tristan Clemençon, Pedro Canali, David Jaoui, Rémy Biechel, Patrick Bruel, Jean Paul Pasqualini, Roger Hairabedian… More half of the registrants were eliminated on the first day which lasted 8 hours.

The final was won by Jean-Yves Chicheportiche who leaves with 54,000 euros. Then tied, Clément Thumy and Patrick Champagnol, who will both leave with the sum of €48,000.

Result of Paris Season VII Cercle Wagram:

1. Jean-Yves Chicheportiche – €54,000

2. Clement “clem2511″ Thumy – €48,000

3. Patrick Champagnol – €48,000

4. Julien Di Pace – €22,540

5. Robert Cohen – €19,320

6. Alban “UtterDDB” Goulon – €16,100

7. Roger “Terminator” Hairabedian – €14,490

8. Christophe Romand – €12,880

9. Manu De Castro – €10,450

10. Antoine Saout – €9,660

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The Ile de France Poker League: the first interclub championship in the Paris region

This is the latest amateur poker competition in Ile de France, it allows the different clubs to compete symbolically since money is not directly played there. The competitions are endowed with prizes offered by sponsors.

The first round is played this weekend of November 29, others will follow at the rate of one every 3 months.

On Sunday, the France Poker As Club of Argenteuil will receive the 17 clubs as well as their 172 players.

Keywords: interclub championship, France Poker As Club of Argenteuil, Playing poker, Poker, Poker ile de France. There are iPhone applications to play directly on the mobile but they do not allow you to join real gaming rooms and therefore to bet money. We can mention in particular the very successful application from Apple whose name is “Texas Hold’hem”. The graphics are realistic, you have access to several levels, but unfortunately it is not possible to play over the Internet, only Wi-Fi, to compete against real players. The $3.99 app is good value for money.

But a solution exists that will allow you to play in your usual virtual room from your iPhone. This requires downloading VCN (Virtual Computer Network) software that will take control of your computer remotely, provided you leave it on and connected to the Internet. There are VNC clients like Veency and Mocha VNC to download.

The last solution is to wait for the end of the discussions between Adobe, the publisher of the Flash software, and Apple. As soon as Flash is compatible with the iPhone