What kind of sites do you allow?What Is Playable Ads?

We allow any site, as long as it is not a frame breaker, can be displayed inside an ad frame, and is not pornographic.

Websites with more than ONE pop-up are also disallowed. One pop-up is ok, but more than 1 is too annoying for our members.


Ads that break this rule will be suspended. Repeat offenders will have their account suspended.

7 When is revenue shared from purchases?

Revenues are shared hourly, and delayed by 24 hours. This means you will receive share in revenues today from purchases made yesterday.


We do this for security purposes, and to protect our members from fraudulent funds needing to be removed from their account earnings.

8 What’s your minimum payout?

You can request your first payment when your balance reaches $2.00


This minimum increases by $1.00 for each withdrawal until you reach $10.00


($2.00, then $3.00, then $4.00, and so forth up to $10.00)


Then, your minimum will remain at $10.00

9 What payment processors do you accept?

We accept Payza, and Solid Trust Pay.

10 When I was surfing, I entered the code and I was given a message “wrong click”?

This means you need to turn off adblock within your browser add-ons. If you see this without this add-on, try another browser or update your current browser to the most recent version.

11 Are withdrawals handled instantly?

We process all requests within 24 hours. Sometimes it will be so fast it will feel instant.

12 How often can I request payout?

As soon as you’ve reached your minimum, you can request payment. This could happen multiple times per day.

13 If I choose to quit using your services after I’ve made a purchase, can I get a refund?

No refunds, because all revenues are already shared with all active members and commissions paid to your referring sponsor.

14 What does “share revenue up to $55” mean?

This means we cannot guarantee the amount you’ll receive per day, but as long as you are qualified to receive share in site revenues, you’ll continue to receive of revenues on each sharing position up to $55.


This also means we do not guarantee reaching $55, because earnings from revenue sharing is completely dependent upon the sales of ad services, and also dependent upon you meeting the qualification to receive of revenues by surfing a minimum of 10 ads in a 24 hour period.

15 What is a Click or a Credit?

Some banner or text ad sites sell impressions. We sell clicks. You’ll get unlimited impressions, until you reach the number of clicks on your banner or text ad.


Traffic exchanges generally describe the number of visitors you have remaining in the traffic exchange in terms of credits.


Both terms describe that 1 credit (or click) equals 1 visitor to your site.

16 What is a withdraw code?

This is a security feature to protect your withdrawals. Other sites might call this a transaction pin. This is what you’ll enter inside your Smartgameads back office when you request a payment to be sent to your payment processor.

17 I didn’t receive referral cash link earnings. Why not?

You must click at least 10 ads in the traffic exchange to qualify for referral click earnings.


The qualification 10 click minimum will look at a window of 24 hours. If within that window 10 ads have been clicked, than you will still appear qualified. The count down timer will be based upon the oldest click in the 24 hour window.


So you can click on hour 23, and if you click 10 ads in a row at hour 23, your timer will display the new time of the 1st of your most recent clicks of 10.

18 How do I change my payment processor after sign-up?

When you signed up, you entered your payment details how you want to be paid.


Sorry, we do not allow processor changes for security reasons.


If you need to add a processor differently than you entered at sign-up, the only other way is to make a purchase.


When you make a purchase, it locks your account to the processor account used to make a purchase.


This is heightened security against hackers in case anyone gains access to your account.

19 I’m seeing this message: “It seems you are behind proxy or using VPN.”

I’m sorry you’re receiving the VPN/PROXY message



Update your browser

Use google chrome.

If that doesnt work, switch your browser and learn about What Is Playable Ads?


Make sure you’re using the most updated version of your browser.


Make sure you’re not accessing the site through a proxy, or VPN. Google translate might be causing the problem.


Login from the login page http://Smartgameads.com/login as another solution.


Internet Explorer and FIreFox users are finding with the most updated versions of these browsers to have no problems, but I’m using Chrome and also have no problem.