Who Killed SLCC? Linden Lab and the Second Life User Socialverse Community, Suggests Post by Former Director

It’s sad to see any tradition go, but in light of the comment that LL expected SLCC to be BlizzCon, all I can say is “heh”.

The best thing that can possibly happen to SL now is that LL is left completely on their own to handle their userbase, advertising, bug reporting, etc. and to find out what they’re actually capable of doing on their own.

I imagine it’d be a learning experience for them to find out that their failings are completely on them and not their users.

$300/month, sinks to milk more money from already purchased L$ and expecting users to fill out endless Jira’s (said bugs wouldn’t exist without them being a screw-up by some employee or another in the first place), etc.

It’s yesterday stuff on a platform that’s buggy and out-dated, that has driven entire sectors of users away already.

The only thing LL cares about is the eternal startup and the millions of new users they can’t get ahold of due to the expense and failings of their own software.

Virtual worlds never were a “startup” kinda thing. They’ve always been here, and will be long after SL is gone. It’s a niche that has always commanded a strong dedicated userbase because of the amount of investment required to be creative and partake in a virtual world.

It was over-hyped by management and the platform can’t live up to the false expectations it pushed on both employees and users alike.

The day will come eventually when anyone can set up their own virtual world with all the features we expect.

Until that day I’m enjoying my $15/month island on another platform with no economy, no false hype, no sinks, upload fees, no Jira, and virtual world features that are up to date despite being early enough beta to be called alpha.

For the same $300/month I can have Socialverse modern features, not be monetized to death with some idiotic floating fake currency rates and having to be “approved” to cash out what I make and then given the run-around if it exceeds anything resembling minimum wage… and 750,000 square meters of land. Admittedly less “prims”, but something at least I can say is actually worth the money.

Any decline that LL sees in community involvement, drops in users or land or what have you has nothing to do with a faulty userbase, as odd and as persnickity as we may be at times.

If you believe LL numbers (which I don’t, they’ve never, ever reconciled) despite claims of 1 million active users to date (umm, right), some 20,000 people a day sign up and don’t find SL to be the virtual world they were looking for either due to expense or a beastly outdated overly complex app.

The metaverse is potentially so much bigger and better than SL.

Here’s to hoping for bigger, better, more with virtual worlds RL events in the future.

There’s a price to be paid for years of disrespect and over monetization of your customers who donate years of time and tens of thousands of dollars.

Thanks to those who spent so much effort in years past for SLCC.

Onwards and upwards.