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He’d rather have A9 than 9-4 because of the straight possibilities, and everyone knows it’s better to win with low cards than high cards because it makes him feel better.

Authors & Publishers

This was about the time last year I received a number of inquiries to do book reviews. And since I’m running low on reading material I could sure use any new books, previews, galley copies, whatever. If you want me to do a review for you, shoot me a line at bigslicknut at yahoo dot com.

This review offer is only good for authors and publishers of poker-related books.

New Sponsor Introduction: Compatible slot onlain

As you know, I don’t do reviews very frequently anymore, except for sponsors of this site. So, I’d like to introduce you to CompatiblePoker.com, where they direct you to sites that have Poker for Linux and Mac. The online poker rooms found on the site are 100% compatible with Mac and Linux without the aid of Windows software. There is also a great page that summarizes and tracks issues related to recent legislation with regards to online poker for US players.

If one aspires to be an online poker pro, one could very well find his or her profile on a page I found very interesting, having been pwned by a couple of these guys last year when I was donking it up at limits over my head. The players listed are not the Chan’s, Brunsons’, and Negreanu’s of the world; here you read about Johnny Bax and Gigabet. No sign of Rainkhan on this page, but I’ll forgive them – after all, how interesting is it to write that Rainkhan plays 30 tables simultaneously and has one move?

They also have a really cool tool for calculating the time it takes to clear a poker sign up bonus. The calculator will tell you in minutes and seconds how long it will take you to clear a bonus at 19 different sites, and at stakes up to 3/6 limit and no-limit on 6- and 10-max tables. Pretty useful for those who want to find the most efficient site for bonus-chasing at their limit.

As you can tell, there is more here than just Mac and Linux information; this site caters to all online players, regardless of their operating system. In addition to the pages above, there are strategy pages, an online poker eBook, and odds calculators. Lots of value here, so please support the folks helping to support me!

Fat Dan

Found this in an article about Jim Gaffigan, in the NYT:

If Mr. Gaffigan’s “meet and greet” in Charlotte was any indication, audience members can expect customized autographs like the following: “Jeff, take your hand off my butt”; “Rob, stop hitting on my wife”; “You’re paler than me”; and “Fat Dan: You make a great omelet.” Considering that Mr. Gaffigan, 40, would never be categorized as an insult comic — his shows deliberately contain no profanity — that last message was extracted only with some prodding.

“Does he like to be called Fat Dan?” he asked a fan in his 20s, who identified himself as Dan’s brother.

“Yeah, he calls himself Fat Dan,” Mr. Gaffigan was assured.