Wo, Oh, What I want to know, Where does the time Go slot gacor??

It’s not quite time to break out into song. I’ll reserve that for my Phil & Friends concert (with Trey and Mike G too!!) coming up at slot gacor on July 2nd with Kim. Rather, Im wondering where the hell spring and early summer went to. I’ve been very remiss about updating my blog, to the chagrin of my small but loyal base of online readers who have chided me on the virtual felt to get my ass in gear and write. Little do they no that IG is really hard at work on the Great American Novel. LOL. No Great American Novel for IG.. My writing would go more towards the genre of Chic Lit which I have a fondness/weakness for and would probably be able to pull off sucessfully without plagarizing as one young Harvard student found out the hard way. I can be the Online poker worlds Bridget Jones.

May turned into a rainfest. At one point we had 12 out of 13 days with precipitation. Unreal. June hasnt been much better. I rattled off this statistic to Jayke in one of our phone convos and said that I was about to have a religious experience and build an ark… Not exactly the type of Religious epiphany I am hoping to have… Anyway the weather is just making me really cranky and dreaming of the Promised Land (Oh now, another GD song comes to mind). Im ready to pack my bags and move to Vegas. When I get there I will be the gal with Mayonnaise legs wearing SPF 48 and a floppy hat to avoid mature wrinkles. Hell, Im a forty something so they are no longer pre-mature!!

Coupled with my crankiness from lack of sunlight, getting cheap airfare to Vegas was an ordeal for me. There was none to be found unless I wanted to turn this into a marathon journey. Originally, the idea was for me to fly into Chicago, perhaps spend a day there with Jayke and then the two of us would fly out to Vegas on July 9th in time for the Poker Cartel meet and greet Sunday night. Oh the best laid plans of mice and men. Did I mention that Jayke is on the Golf course 24/7 between lessons, working outings etc etc? Did I mention that Albany International(!!!???!!!) is not really a major airport and that there are no cheap flights out of here??? As I logged onto Southwest Airlines and saw the promo fares, fun fares, advance fare etc availablity disappear before my eyes I about went into convulsions. Plus Jayke hadnt been on IM nor did he answer my emails to firm up what the heck we were doing. Finally, I left a message on his cell to call me asap or I was pulling the plug on the July trip and I would go with my buddy Caffiene during the Main Event. After midnight on an early day in June we successfully figured out travel arrangements with me sitting at the computer sans contacts or glasses and Jayke driving home from work on the interstate with trucks whizzing by before he got stuck in a major traffic jam because of construction. Did I mention, I was PMSing during this time too. When IG gets like that she can turn into Regan in the Exorcist. Yes my head does rotate 360 degrees!!!